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Important Uses of The prtconf Command

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Normally its required to gather important information of unix machines. The prtconf command is specifically used in Aix and Solaris operating systems. The information required normally is:

  1. System model.
  2. Machine serial number.
  3. Processor type, number of processors and clock speed of processors.
  4. Network information.
  5. File system information.
  6. Paging space information.
  7. Devices information.
  8. Total memory size.

The explanation will be on the basis of AIX.
Now, information on prtconf command will be represented in the form of question and answers.

How To Gather General Machine Information
Using the command prtconf alone provides the whole information of machine.
The sample is given below. Some actual values have been replaced with other values for the sake of security.

wiw_labs: $ prtconf

System Model: IBM,9133-55A<
Machine Serial Number: 06F865G
Processor Type: PowerPC_POWER5
Number Of Processors: 4
Processor Clock Speed: 1499 MHz
CPU Type: 64-bit
Kernel Type: 64-bit
LPAR Info: 1 galaxy198
Memory Size: 4096 MB
Good Memory Size: 4096 MB
Platform Firmware level: Not Available
Firmware Version: IBM,SF240_338
Console Login: enable
Auto Restart: true
Full Core: false
Network Information
Host Name: galaxy198
IP Address:
Sub Netmask:
Name Server:
Domain Name:
Paging Space Information
Total Paging Space: 8192MB
Percent Used: 1%
Volume Groups Information
hdisk0            active            525         383         109..24..42..99..109
The following resources are installed on the machine.
+/- = Added or deleted from Resource List.
*   = Diagnostic support not available.
Model Architecture: chrp
Model Implementation: Multiple Processor, PCI bus
+ sys0                                                                           System Object
+ sysplanar0                                                                     System Planar
* vio0                                                                           Virtual I/O Bus
* vsa0             U9133.55A.06F865G-V1-C0                                       LPAR Virtual Serial Adapter
* vty0             U9133.55A.06F865G-V1-C0-L0                                    Asynchronous Terminal
* pci2             U787B.001.DNWCF4C-P1                                          PCI Bus
* pci7             U787B.001.DNWCF4C-P1                                          PCI Bus
+ ent2             U787B.001.DNWCF4C-P1-T9                                       2-Port 10/100/1000 Base-TX PCI-X Adapter (14108902)
+ ent3             U787B.001.DNWCF4C-P1-T10                                      2-Port 10/100/1000 Base-TX PCI-X Adapter (14108902)
* pci8             U787B.001.DNWCF4C-P1                                          PCI Bus
+ usbhc0           U787B.001.DNWCF4C-P1                                          USB Host Controller (33103500)
+ usbhc1           U787B.001.DNWCF4C-P1                                          USB Host Controller (33103500)
* pci9             U787B.001.DNWCF4C-P1                                          PCI Bus
+ fcs2             U787B.001.DNWCF4C-P1-C1-T1                                    FC Adapter
* fcnet2           U787B.001.DNWCF4C-P1-C1-T1                                    Fibre Channel Network Protocol Device
* fscsi2           U787B.001.DNWCF4C-P1-C1-T1                                    FC SCSI I/O Controller Protocol Device
+ mem0                                                                           Memory
+ proc0                                                                          Processor
+ proc2                                                                          Processor
+ proc4                                                                          Processor
+ proc6                                                                          Processor

How To Get The Processor Clock Speed
For this issue the command with -s parameter.
wiw_labs: $ prtconf -s

How To Get CPU Type
To know if the cpu type is 32 bit or 64 bit, issue the command with -c parameter.
wiw_labs: $ prtconf -c

How To Know The Type of Kenel
To know which type of kernel is in use 32 bit or 64 bit, issue the command with -k parameter.
wiw_labs: $ prtconf -k

How To Get The LPAR Information of Machine
To know what is the LPAR partition number and partition name, issue with -L.
wiw_labs: $ prtconf -L

If its not LPAR, then “-1 NULL” will be returned.

How To Get The Physical Memory Size of Machine
To know the physical memory size of the machine, issue the command with -m flag.
wiw_labs: $ prtconf -m

How To Get The Details of All Physical Devices of The Machine
To know the Vital Product Data of all physical devices internal or attached to the machine, use -v option.
wiw_labs: $prtconf -v

Almost all of the information gathered by above commands is shown above in the output of prtconf command.

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