Hi, I’m Ganesh Dutt Sharma and I write WorldisWelcome Blog  to provide useful technical knowledge in simple to understand manner. I started WorldisWelcome Blog in 2008 to help my colleagues with confusing concepts and terms in AIX. My main aim is to collect information from various sources and present it in simple, concise and understandable manner at one place.

In today’s world no one likes to search through the pile of books, so I thought of writing technical articles. After I wrote few articles, readers demanded to write more on Unix aspects in the form of tutorials. Earlier I was not able to write regularly, but now I have made myself more disciplined in writing the blog and I’m sticking to it too.

While writing technical articles, I like to present some interesting content as well. I give enough and clear credits to the sources from which the content comes.

Suggestions to cover more topics are highly welcome. Write to me and you may see the article on your next or next to next visit, depending upon the bulk of demand. You can read more about me Here and Here. I am always approachable at ganesh.sharma@worldiswelcome.com. Mail me whenever you want and for whatever reasons. I’ll try to respond in best possible manner.